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Dive into the mind of an otherworldly soul to find yourself in the most beautiful and bizarre displays of this universe. Totally Fascinating.


Person 2


During all my time on Tumblr I have never come across anyone that could capture the essence of life and nature as pure and poetic as she does.


Person 3


Your daily dose of happiness, positivity and a healthy lifestyle. There's a good chance you will never come across a blog as smiley and full of joy as this one.



I do think, however, that everyone you meet in life will have some sort of impact on who you are and the way you look at the world. Whether it be negative or positive. And as much as I feel like a lot of the choices I make and people I choose to be attracted to will have negative outcomes, I can think of plenty of positive things. Because life works that way. There’s always going to be a positive with the negative. My life is changing constantly.

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