How We Should Grade Ourselves As Adults

I have a thought: If adults had quarterly grade cards the same way children do, how would our grading system be? Think about it….

P.E. would be based off our daily health & fitness habits.

Social Studies would based off of how we act and carry ourselves in social settings as well as in society in general.

Our Math grade is determined by how we manage our finances.

History would be graded based off of our daily contributions to this world. Are we making a history that future generations will be proud of, or are we skating by?

Science would be how often we schedule (and go to) our physical exams, and also being aware of what goes on and into our bodies.

Our grade in Home Ec. would reflect how we manage our households, and the environment we create four ourselves, and our loved ones.

Character Ed. grades would be based off of our attitude, outlook and perspectives on life, punctuality and of course, character.

In school we were graded on how well we played our part and exceled in group projects. We also learned how to be apart of a team, which taught us that everyone is not going be the star player in every game, but winning is still winning, and building is still building. Let’s be honest, if children had the opportunity to grade themselves, they would give themselves all A’s…what kid wouldn’t? But I realize there are plenty of who adults would probably unrealistically do the same. As an adult, I’ve learned that being accountable for everything I do to myself and others is what is most important.

I very rarely post my thoughts online, but I wanted to share this and challenge every adult to unbiasedly grade yourself in life. I also challenge everyone—

starting now— to strive for all A’s, which was never easy for me to do in school, and in real life, it’s A LOT harder. However, anything worth having in this lifetime shouldn’t be an easy task. Grade your actions. Do you show up on time, or when youfeel like it? When you do show up, are you in the right mind space and radiate positive energy, or do you secrete negativity? Are you the victim in EVERY situation, or do you take responsibility? Are you loyal and respectful to your team, or do you find yourself on more power trips than you care to admit? Are you capable of passing the ball and letting someone else shoot, or do you feel the need to be the star? Ask yourself these questions, and be completely honest. I guarantee that it will shine a whole new light on your life and change the way you view things.

Over time, I’ve learned to slow down and actually acknowledge other people. I’d always be in such a hurry, that I sometimes wouldn’t even look someone in the eye when I said hello. You never know; that, plus a smile may be all someone needs. Take the time to really thank people like cashier, waiters, hosts etc. for their contributions. Just because they serve you doesn’t make them your servants. Remember that. Even the times you receive bad service, learn to handle it accordingly, yet respectfully. Don’t give someone the power to take you out of character.  Last but certainy not least, face your issues head on instead of running from and/or ignoring them. You have to face it to fix it. You also have to face it in order to turn it into a positive.

With all this being said, it’s never to late to change. You are never to old to pursue any dream you may have. And most importantly, you can always be a better person to yourself AND others because when it comes back around, life will be that much better, I promise! Don’t let social media make you socially awkward. Live life to the fullest. Hope you are having an amazing and positive day!


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